Standard MTG Mono Red Aggro Deck: “Goblin Smash”

An old adage in Magic The Gathering circles is Red Deck Wins. This is a comment on the ubuiqity and consistency of mono red aggro decks throughout a range of formats and over time.

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How to Beat Mono Green Aggro and Izzet Epiphany: Azorius Control

Now hear me out. The claim that Azorius Control could be the answer to the two current behemoths of the standard ladder (plus the ever growing contingent of white weenie decks) may seem laughable, until you change your focus on the win condition.

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Standard 2021/22: Mono Black Control Deck

Black is stronger than ever in the 2021/22 standard. While there are a range of powerful multicoloured deck archetypes in the mix, you can also compete quite well with a mono option like this efficient mid-range control deck.

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Standard 2021/22: Delve Into The Dungeon with an Orzhov Dungeon Deck

If you’re a fan of Magic The Gathering, chances are you’re the sort of person who has at least a passing interest in Dungeons & Dragons as well. If so, you’re in luck this season, as you can combine both loves and build a deck of adventurers who get richly rewarded for venturing into dungeons.

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Delina, Wild Mage – Splinter Twin Combo

After hearing about the Delina, Wild Mage and Pixie Guide  splinter twin combo in Episode 605 of Limited Resources I was keen to try it out for myself. Luckily I already had a couple of each card in my MTG Arena account, plus some Barbarian Class and Brazen Dwarf which both assist the loop.

In this article I’ll outline the ideal game scenario, discuss my attempts to build around the combo and include a video demonstrating the loop in action.

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